2018: Beginnings

It’s the first of December, so it seems an appropriate time for reflection.

This year I began a radical love affair.

It has me up late at night, yawning in the mornings, shelling out money with the utmost joy, giving tender loving care and hours of dedicated attention, reading furiously so I can do better and better…

This passionate entanglement with green.

When my curiosity about recycling coffee grounds for a closed-loop system and my curiosity about permaculture led me to spend 3 months on farms and homesteads in Australia, I never expected the wildfire it would ignite in me for growing, food production, and community-building.

For the very first time in my life, I felt the call to create something localised and rooted, a centre around which people could circle and orientate, rather than that siren song that has always haunted me, tempting me towards escapist oases of withdrawal, away from the noise of unfulfilling interaction and degraded values. For the very first time, I felt compelled and excited to return home from my travels, and begin the long journey of making meaning unfurl and expand exponentially. It felt as if rays of light had pierced the murkiness, and illuminated the path I had been struggling to find for so long, one traced by a beautiful merger between meaning, knowledge, and practice…

With thumbs as uninitiated as could possibly be, I set to work starting a small garden on the balcony of my family home. Along the way, I lucked out to find work as an edible gardener and builder/designer, which has given me constant opportunities to observe new unknowns, draw links and create patterns, ask questions, and learn manifold whilst receiving a source of income.

I have never felt rooted the way I do, and I have my suspicions about how long this state of affairs can last – but on these matters, time and hard work will bring more understanding. In the meantime, I cherish each golden day, and accept the blackened ones with an ironic smile – no fruit is all wholesome.

A toast to future successes and tripups in my squeezy tropical garden, trails of obsessive treehugging, and always – life, evermore welcoming, abundant, and vibrant!

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